19 Freiheiten

Workshop: Ein Spaziergang zu meiner Freiheit, 2009/10

19 Freiheiten – the 19 first articles in the German constitution.

Together with kids and youth from Neukölln we investigate and intepret the articles.


formerly known as Fittbyxor
since 2007

foto: MFK

X-front is a practice-led research project about fashion, social space, anxiety, and standing up to pee. It is also about the joy of doing and reflecting together. The aim is to explore how to make it possible for women to stand up and pee as well as the potential implications of changing behaviour and clothes.

In August 2007 the collaboration started with a workshop initiated by Åsa Ståhl and in close collaboration with Malmö Free University for Women (MFK). During the workshop the name was changed from Fittbyxor to X-front.