Land-Insitut in Puerto Williams – A Failed Attempt





The starting point for Land-Institut in Puerto Williams – A Failed Attempt is the artist group Land-Institut’s trip that didn’t happen. The group was supposed to go to Puerto Williams at the southern tip of Chile in 2013. In spite of a long period of preparing, grant applications to Finland, Chile and Germany, an artist residency and an exhibition space, a producer, numerous letters of recommendation and a sponsorship of a ferry company, the project didn’t get enough funding. The exhibition in Titanik is concerned with this common situation: the time and work spent on preparing and applying without a realised project. Furthermore, the exhibition especially pays attention to the entanglement of collecting and producing knowledge, fantasizing and projecting in the preparatory work.

The Land-Institut in Puerto Williams exhibition was supposed to take place in Museo Antropológico Martin Gusinde in May 2013. Not only is the Martin Gusinde museum a producer and a frame of knowledge and information but also the object of the Land-Institut group’s knowing and thinking. The Antropological museum Martin Gusinde is built out of wood, pixels, Wikipedia articles, grant application texts, the colonial figure of Martin Gusinde and the imaginations of the extreme south, remoteness and the exotized Tierra del Fuego.

Land-Institut is an artist group founded in Berlin 2011 by Mónica Araus, Freja Bäckman, Vappu Jalonen and Maricarmen Jaramillo.

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