WIR SPIELEN Act 3 with Rubia Salgado - Photo: Merja Hannikainen

WIR SPIELEN Act 3 with Rubia Salgado – Photo: Elis Hannikainen

The point of departure for Act 3 of WIR SPIELEN (WE PLAY) builds upon arguments on the questions of migrant identities, strategic essentialism, and ensuing contradictions occurring from this. These arguments happen within maiz, a feminist and anti-racist self-organisation of migrants in Linz/Austria, in which Rubia Salgado has been cooperating since its establishment.

Do migrants remain a group despite
 all differences? How can we act and negotiate with mainstream society equipped with our selfdefinition as migrants as strategically constructed identity without being consumed by the neoliberal utilitarian logics of diversity and without being pocketed as an alibi?