What makes you happy in your life? What does degrowth or downshifting mean? How could the economy of a town like Salo look like in the future? Can we live with less material?

The quesations lead to a performative happiness testing with rocking chairs in the Salo market place as well as many interviews. The end result is a video and sound installation in the Salo Art Museum as part of the Halikonlahti Green Art 2011.

The project was initiated by Media artist Mari Keski-Korsu and sustainable consumption researcher Satu Lähteenoja. Part of the work group were also Art worker Freja Bäckman, researcher and producer Paavo Järvensivu, researcher of futures studies Aleksi Neuvonen, Demos Helsinki, film-maker Miia Raivio and researcher Helmi Risku, MTT.