Die Hollywoodschaukel at SCHNELL&SCHMUTZIG

Die Hollywoodschaukel will be part of SCHNELL&SCHMUTZIG

7.-10.10.2010 in the Markthalle IX, Eisenbahnstraße, Berlin-Kreuzberg

Mobile-Hollywoodschaukel, Oranienplatz, Berlin-Kreuzberg, 2009

Die Hollywoodschaukel, 2006

A Hollywoodschaukel (German) is a swinging, roofed and padded garden bench. In German this piece of furniture is named after the American movie city Hollywood.

The inventor of the Hollywoodschaukel has not been passed down. There is proof that this type of swing existed in England from 1909. The breakthrough came in the 1950s: By means of various Hollywood movies the swing became well known in the rest of Europe and most likely was given its name – Hollywoodschaukel – for marketing reasons. The Hollywoodschaukel became the epitome of a modern and fashionable form of leisure in the time of the German Wirtschaftswunder. As it was considerably cheaper to have a Hollywoodschaukel in oneʼs own backyard than to build a swimming pool, and as it was even possible to have one on the balcony, the Hollywoodschaukel became a widespread phenomenon.

In the 1960s and 70s the Austrian journalist Margret Dünser invited members of the international Jet-Set to the successful German TV show “V.I.P. – Schaukel” (V.I.P.- swing). She interviewed the celebrities in their private home and sometimes even in their own Hollywoodschaukel, which gave the show its name. Through this programme and its soon proverbial name an even more cosmopolitan flavour was associated with this simple piece of garden furniture.